Château of Chambord
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Château of Chambord

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Chambord is an exceptional work of art and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built to match the dreams of François I, Chambord is emblematic of the French Renaissance across the globe. The chateau is inextricably linked with its natural forest surroundings. With its 5440 hectares, the Domaine is the largest walled estate in Europe (less than 2 hours from Paris). NEW: Opening to the public of fitted kitchens in the eighteenth century. when the royal stables at Chambord kept hundreds of horses. Restitution of French gardens (spring 2017) in their state of the eighteenth century on the north and east flowerbeds of the domain. Planting of "the vine of Francis I" 500 years after its introduction in the Loire Valley. Package (+ 20 pers.) With tasting at the chateau of local wines and local products.

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